Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Please excuse the puddle of drool under my bike

Tonight's spin class was the biggest one I've ever seen- I counted 40 people! Normally, morning spins are 5-10 people, and 20-25 on Tuesday evenings. The spring training season has really started! Though of all the 40 people, I got lucky and set up my bike behind a really hot guy, none other than Brendan Hansen! I've heard he's doing more training with T3, creating wakes in the pool, and generally looking like the former Olympian he is. I'm just amazed I didn't fall off my bike!

And getting the opportunity to examine such a fine specimen up close and unobserved was fantastic. First off, he looks like a scruffy laid back guy, which is exactly my type! But a really fit one, with super broad shoulders, really wide lats, tapering to a small waist and narrow hips, though slightly abnormally long arms. And then his legs! If you took a cross section of a regular person's thigh, it would be round. His are trapezoidal, with the quads extending laterally and the hamstrings more medial. I mean, that's just extraordinary, and I really had to resist the urge to go touch them! I didn't get the nerve to talk to him, because it would have been a stuttering mess of a conversation. But looking at him was much better than focusing on the "dew" forming on the floor from the 40 people sweating inside a warehouse, though that, of course, includes my drool.

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