Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well that sucked

Bad bike followed by a bad run brick at Decker. Didn't go the distance on either. Multiple mental meltdowns. What the hell am I doing out here?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week #12 Longhorn Training

Light week of this cycle:

Swim 2; 2.25- really uninspired swims this week.

Bike 3.5; 4.75- one spin and the long bike.

Run 3; 0! After the 12 mile long run last week, this week just flew by before I could get another run in. And then a seminar all day Sunday, so no long run at all this week.

Core 0; 2- discovered and like the Corefit classes!

Total 8.5; 9

Long bike 40; 51- finally rode the Longhorn course, but due to the memorial service on Saturday at 1pm, I had to cut the route a little short, and it was still a close call to make it on time.

Long run 8; 0. I debated trying to get a run in tonight, which would probably feel pretty good after sitting on my butt all day today, but decided I would be lazy instead. And then trying to schedule all the workouts for next week, I have another CE seminar next Saturday planned. Though if the long awaited Practiceman gets scheduled for next Saturday, I'm going to skip the CE. If not, I'll go to San Antonio, then ride Longhorn on Sunday, with a brick afterwards. Only two more long rides of 60 and 70 planned before the taper starts and I'd like to do both of them at the Longhorn course. It's getting really close!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So there has been a change at T3 that was not welcomed by all. They decided to add a Corefit program, which you would have to pay for on top of your T3 dues, and stop the small selection of core exercises they were offering- one hour and three 15 minute pre-workout sets total. People were pissed. "How can you take away training sessions and expect me to pay the same?" "I don't have the $25 extra per month to add the Corefit." "I just want to bitch!"

Personally, by promising to pay for whole year (but still in monthly installments) my rates decreased $15, so that the $25 extra for Corefit wound up being only $10 net increase. And for that I get the option of 10 hours of Corefit and 4 hours of yoga. I'd call that a deal.

But I was afraid. The 15 minute pre-spin or track core exercises kicked my ass regularly. Crunches, lunges, squat thrusts, plank, etc. So an hour of that? I would die! I heard that the hour sessions are more spread out, more rest between sets, but still. And the Corefit hours will add more instruments of torture than just your own body weight.

So I put it off until this morning. And it turns out, it was kind of fun! A small group at 6 am- only 7 people total. And after a brief jog warmup and stretches, we went outside for running drills- it reminded me a lot of high school volleyball and soccer practice. Short sprints, touch the ground, and back, relays, quick feet, hopping and jumping over little balls, etc. But almost immediately, I was sweating enough to drip on the ground. But I was happy to see I could keep up. I'm not fast, but I am pretty quick.

Then back inside for a round of abs- ouch. And then circuit training- 7 different exercises for a minute each- step ups, rows, squats, lunges, pushups, arm raises etc. Then a break, and then 7 more circuit exercises. And the instructor N was great about offering modifications, not just easier for me, but also for a guy that was injured, and the really fit guys that needed it harder. Plus very encouraging and noticing and commenting on form. It wasn't just go hard and do it however you can. It was do it correctly, or modify it so you can do it correctly. Very nice.

Finally, a short stretch at the end and we were done. I know I'm going to be sore in places tomorrow, or even later today. But I think this is an area I've been missing. Going in a straight line for a long period of time (the definition of triathlon!) neglects some areas and this will really help me become more balanced and stronger overall. So I think this will become a regular thing- whether on Wed, or I could Friday too. And then there's still the yoga I haven't tried...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week #11 Longhorn Training

Week #11

Swim 2.5; 2

Bike 6; 5.75

Run 4; 4.75

Core 1; 0.75

Total 13.5 (biggest week so far!); 13.25

Long bike 75; rained out, 3 hours on the trainer.

Long run 15; 12

A short week due to the Austin Triathlon on Monday. And then rain (finally!) which prevented an outside ride on Saturday morning on the Longhorn course. The trainer sucks for long rides. Even with two movies, an iPod, and friendly people, it still just sucks. The run on Sunday was very good- felt quick with the high turnover, and strong until mile 11 out of 12. Of course, the cool, overcast morning really helped too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good swim

Good swim at Circle C this morning. I really like workouts that have a pattern and I think Coach C does too. Today was 8 x 50s, then 4 x 100s, then 2 x 200s, the first half at 85% effort and the second half at 90%. So my 50s pace high was 58s- really pushing and flailing. 100s- 2:03! Really excited that a sub 2:00 100 is in my near future! And 200s- 4:10. I think I'm finally getting the coordinated pull and roll, with a strong, coordinated, whole body kick. When it's all working together, I feel like Dara Torres. When it's not, it's really not.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Austin Tri Race Report

Not to waste any time: a 30 minute PR!

This was a great race- always well organized by the High Five/ Jack and Adam's team. It was going to be hot and dusty, but they did as best they could to minimize the problems that comes with this drought we're stuck in. I was worried mainly about the "training through the race" that the coaches recommended- doing 9.5 miles running on Friday morning, and 52 on the bike on Saturday. I had stretched and rollered, and tried to recover as quickly as I could, but I could definitely feel on Monday that I didn't have any power left in my legs. But I didn't feel horrible, and I was excited about this race because my friends C and S were doing their first Olympic distance, and there were a bunch of T3ers out to race, cheer, and volunteer too.

Swim- 2:48/ 100m- the same as Cap Tex 2008, which is the only other time I've done this course. I zigzagged a lot, especially coming back up into the sun. And I probably couldn't worked a little harder, but I wanted to save some energy for the rest of the day.

Bike- 14.9 mph- it was a three loop course, and the first loop, I had a hard time settling in and getting into a rhythm. Only two hills and one false flat, but they seemed to take a lot out of me- probably due to the "training through the race" thing. I did get to see a bunch of T3ers out there on the out and back parts, plus some old TNT buddies from last year, and my cousin K, who just happened to be running on the trail and saw me- how fun and random! No flats and a 3 mph improvement.

Run- 16:15/mile- same as last year. It was hot- 90 degrees with 50% humidity. I liked the course with the winding out and backs on grass/dirt and pavement, and I tried to run in the shade wherever I could find it. I was getting dehydrated and headachy at this point, and I couldn't drink enough at the water stations to stop it. I ran the entire way except for water stops, and kept a good high cadence. And most importantly, I could imagine it was just a training run- it felt the same, and I could imagine I could keep that pace for another 6 miles, though I would need a lot more water stops to get there!

And last year I had the bad flat on the bike course, so if I wanted to get all negative, I could say I didn't improve, I just got lucky to not flat. But really, I had 8 hours of training over the weekend and no taper. So if I actually trained for this like it was my A race, I could go even faster. That's the positive spin, and what I'm going to choose to believe!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week #10 Longhorn Training

This week's plan:

Swim 2.5; 2.5- schedule change moved the AM swims on Tues/Thurs to Circle C- awesome!

Bike 5; 5- awesome!

Run 4; 3.75- pretty damn good!

Core 1; 1- awesome!

Total 12.5; 12.25- pretty damn good!

Long bike 65; 52- broke the 50 mile barrier, but shortened it a little for the Austin Tri on Monday.

Long run 13; 9.5- ditto

The morning workouts have made the difference. Getting up early and getting it done is great. And next week starts the new Corefit, so I'm not sure how I'll change it up.
M, W, F- spin
T, Th- swim
M, W- spin
T, Th- swim
F- core
M- core
T- swim
W- spin
Th- swim, core PM
F- spin, yoga PM
What a plethora of options!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A ride in which I didn't get passed

With the Austin Triathlon Olympic on Monday, the coaches suggested that if it wasn't your "A" race, you should train through the weekend. I amended that to going at least 50% on the long workouts, so I wouldn't expire during the race. But I wound up going about 80%, so there's still a chance of melting into a heap of cramping, bonking pain.

Friday, I did 9.5 miles on the trail- cut off the last section because I was done- mentally and physically. And it wasn't even that hot. But a good soaking in Barton Springs really helped. And even though I vowed never to run long before the long ride, I didn't have any choice, and luckily it went much better this time.

Saturday, the route was Kiker to San Marcos for 65 miles. I looked at the map and figured if I left from my house, I would cut off about 12 miles, and that would be just fine. I left at 7 am, when the group was meeting at Kiker at 7:30. I figured I would get caught at the Valero pit stop in Kyle. One guy stopped there too, but I couldn't remember if he was a T3er or not, so it was just the nod and smile. And since we were both stopped and off our bikes, it's not technically getting passed- he just got back on his bike before I did. I saw the big group of T3ers heading to the Valero about 20 minutes after me, so I thought it wouldn't be too long before they caught me.

The route goes back towards Buda before going across to go south on the IH 35 access road. Here I was feeling great- the saddle was getting comfortable, I was averaging close to 15 mph, and I was secure knowing the last 12 miles in are mainly downhill back to my house. I had a new drink to try out- Sustained Energy that is unflavored, and tastes a little like powdered cheerios in water, which is a lot better than most of the drinks I've tried. It's a keeper.

The problem hit when I turned northbound on the access road. Any time I think there's no wind, I should look around, because most likely it's a tailwind! And it was. So the 10 miles on the access road were brutal into a strong headwind. Flat, no tree breaks, and just torture. I knew there was a gas station up ahead at the turn, and I was imagining sitting down against a back rest with a coke and a snickers. And eventually I got there. And as soon as I got comfortable, two T3ers, and about a minute later, two more, rode in. And we chatted and rested a bit, then we got back on to finish up the last 18. And again, I just got back on after they did- I technically didn't get passed. A minor victory, but still!

I saw some T3ers going southbound, but no one else caught up to me the rest of the ride. I guess starting 30 minutes and 6 miles ahead is what it takes! I slogged it back to my house for a total of 52 in 3:50, which averages over 13 mph. That is great for me! A long stretching session, shower, and nap. And then it will be interesting how fast my body can recover before Monday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week #9 Longhorn Training

Week 9- start of intensity build #1: not quite the intensity needed though.

Swim 2.5; actual 0.5, and that was more playing with the nieces than actual swimming.

Bike 5; 4

Run 3; 3- yay!

Core 1; 1- yay!

Total 11.5; 8.5

Long bike 55; 42 on Friday- the new saddle is not working for me. I had one more Mopac loop and the nails poking in my sit bones were just not going to allow it.

Long run 10; didn't happen. Longest run was an hour for about 4 miles around Matthews Lane.