Saturday, November 15, 2008

El Sueno

Take a peek at my new bike- a Quintana Roo Tequilo. And because there is some Mexican history in his construction, his name is El Sueno. Of course, there's also a nice sticker saying made in Taiwan, but still. My boyfriends at Jack's and Adam's helped me, and we swapped out shorter aerobars, a compact chain ring, and smaller cassette. Plus the bombproof 32 spoke hand built Mavic wheels. I am in love.

And the crazy thing is, just going up that little hill at the veloway after the flat part (about 3.1 miles in), I would huff and puff up it on the orange bike and this one, the position is just better and I can sit and climb easily. Of course, I would love it if this bike would automatically make me a 20 mph rider, but it won't. It will make it easier for me to train and get faster, and hopefully stay on it instead of on the side of the road with a broken spoke (for the fourth time!

Though looking in my garage, it's a little embarrassing. I may have a problem. But I did give my mountain bike to my sister for her birthday, so that's one less bike. But is five kayaks and two bikes a few too many? Not if I use them!

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