Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday

Well, this was a pretty crappy birthday to start with- 33 is just not that exciting. And it is a marker for the goals I set for myself last year, none of which I actually achieved. And that sucks. I didn't lose weight. I didn't find the boyfriend of my dreams. I didn't run a marathon.

But I did do some new and interesting things and I should focus on the positive instead of the negative. I did my first triathlon this year, and followed that up with four more. I completed the Longhorn Aquabike. I did a horrible Hottest Half in Dallas. I have transitioned into a niche in my work that I really like. I have met some new and interesting people. I am taking the spanish class I have been talking about taking for years. I ran the New River and had a good time at ASCI.

So even though I have unresolved goals, it just means that I am not done. I guess if I had achieved all my goals, I would be finished and could go lay down and die.

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