Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two run workouts in one week!

It's a first! No really, I've been bad about going to the T3 run workouts since they are at 6 pm on an unshaded track. In July it was 100 degrees on the track and I melted the one time I tried. I would rather just run by myself than have my proteins denature in the heat. Of course, that defeats the purpose of the track workouts which is to go faster by having a coach design speed workouts for you.

So, now that it is fall and much nicer to run at 6pm, I have been making it to the Monday workouts which are usually hill runs and they move locations monthly. I did that for a month, and am now trying to add the Wed night speed workouts on the track. Of course, it all kicks my ass. I am the slowest runner by far. And it's so much easier to deal with that when I am running on my own. When I am constantly being lapped, it is nearly impossible to maintain a positive attitude.

I did try a mental exercise where I would imagine the people passing me as suddenly 100 lbs overweight. Would I be able to keep up with them then? And then imagining what they would look like. I've seen the fat suits The Biggest Loser has used in challenges, but that's nothing like the real thing. But of course, the trick is not for everyone else to gain weight, but for me to lose weight.

I will definitely be faster if I lose weight- there's a calculator for this that estimates that for every 2 lbs lost you will go 0:25 seconds faster per 10k. According to that, my half marathon would be 45 minutes faster if I was at goal weight. That would be sweet! And that's not including any increased training, just moving faster by not carrying the extra weight. More info at

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