Friday, December 26, 2008

I really want to like yoga,

but I don't. Tonight I went to the dance class they offer at Gold's- it's called Body Jam and I'm awful, but I really enjoy it. I move my entire body, and move it planes other than straight ahead. And I can usually pick up about half the dance moves. I'm sort of ashamed at how much I enjoy it, especially because I would be embarrassed to death if anyone I knew saw me doing it! But I do.

Now yoga on the other hand is almost the complete opposite. There is a yoga class following Body Jam and tonight was awful- first it was too hot in the room. And I've heard of hot yoga- how do not slip all over the mat in your own sweat? And this is Yoga Level 1, and they are doing all sorts of difficult balance and handstand type moves. And the teacher does not offer any suggestions about what to do if you can't do the moves. And I hate Down Dog- it makes my wrists hurt, and this teacher likes to spend inordinate amounts of time in that pose. So there was a lot of time with me doing my own thing and being angry that I can't do the moves. And I want to like yoga- I like the relaxation and meditation aspect of it, the stretching and strengthening, but I have yet to find a class that I like the teacher and they do the kind of yoga I want to do (and not too much Down Dog!)

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