Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A new truck is not an emergency

And I should not use my emergency fund to buy one.

Dave Ramsey would not be happy with me if I bought the cute little Ford Ranger I test drove today. I would use up all my savings and have to get a loan to get the $500 dealer incentive, though I could pay it off at the first payment due two weeks later. I can see how these dealers think though, and they know all the tricks.

And the Nissan is struggling- the last straw for me is the A/C going out. I know it is December, but I wanted the A/C on this morning as I was driving and was very unhappy that it is not blowing cold air. Plus all the little things I have put off fixing are adding up, and the driver's seat is uneven and makes my back hurt.

So all these reasons- I DESERVE a new truck, right? And it is so hard to talk back to that voice. It says "you can swing it, you'll just pick up some extra work days," "you've never had a NEW vehicle" "you can't drive around in the old one anymore- it looks bad and it's not safe" "they're offering such good deals- it would be a crime to pass them up" etc etc etc.

But it is not an emergency. Listen to Dave! Save up and buy it when you have the money. And so I will wait.

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