Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Swimming Outside in December

Went swimming at Barton Springs this afternoon with a friend. It was 70 degrees and sunny- a gorgeous day! I got out the wetsuit that hasn't been used since Cap Tex in June and man is that thing hard to put on! But very comfortable in the water- the springs are always 62 degrees, and the initial getting in is still a little twingy, especially when the water seeps in the back! So I did two laps before Sara got there, then another lap with her. Man is she fast! And I've been putting off the T3 swim clinic to concentrate on biking and running. Yeah, I think I need to concentrate on the swimming too.

It felt good to swim though, however slowly I was going. So maybe I can fit in a BS swim once a week. And I would love to go in the mornings before work because the cold water stays with you- lowering the core temperature. I think that would keep me cooler at work, and that would be awesome. But getting organized enough early in the morning and making the effort and not affecting work performance- that's the problem.

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