Monday, May 18, 2009

Muddy Buddy

Sunday was the Muddy Buddy in Johnson City. Five miles of alternating running and mountain biking, interspersed with obstacles. I was worried about the obstacles, in particular a wall climb, as I'm not so good at hoisting myself over tall objects. But the obstacles were not the problem- the other participants were. First, let me remind you that Johnson City is in the Hill Country. Lots of hills, with lots of loose limestone rocks. So the mountain biking is not on a dirt trail, it's on a hilly, rocky jeep trail. I have a hard enough time pick my path on a mountain bike, and when you add in 900 other people hauling ass unsafely down the same path, it's a disaster. I had a number of close calls, but luckily no big falls or injuries, though a number of other people were not so lucky. And the alternating with the buddy part meant there were always faster people coming from behind. And the mud pit was kind of fun, but with the cold front that came in on Saturday, it was about 65-70 degrees on Sunday, which was a little chilly. But I'm glad to have experienced it.

My Muddy Buddy loved it though, and was surprised when I told her to count me out for next year. I just don't want to go fast, and get irritated when people around me want to go fast and jeopardize my safety to do it. I think the nice, relaxed charity ride in Schertz has soured me on competitive races. Or really, maybe I just need to do more charity rides! Next up- Tour de Cure!

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