Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nice ride

It's been two weeks since I've ridden my bike outside due to wet weather and work scheduling. I've been getting in some good, consistent spins at T3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it is just not the same as getting outside. It rained early this morning, but by 9:30 it was drying up and the sun was coming out, so I was off. I had 30 scheduled and planned to do the Kyle out and back.

It was great- lots of wildflowers- mealy sage, cowpen daisies, coreopsis, bluebonnets, Mexican hats, Indian paintbrush, spider wort, pink cups- I'm sure some of those are made up names, but whatever. Everything was blooming. And I was feeling strong. Made it out to 1626 in less than an hour, and then tried to add on some mileage to see if there was an alternate route back. And there is, it's just the IH 35 frontage road, which is suboptimal. But up to the next crossover and back to Old San Antonio Road and back home. Lots of other cyclists out and about as well, and one guy in particular in a Violet Crown kit- he passed me, but I was able to hang with him on the mild downhills- very cool. He took off up the next incline and was gone though, until he passed me again on South 1st- he must have done a loop around Akins or something. And he said "almost done, keep it up!" which was nice. Wound up with 28 miles, which was fine.

Back home, mowed the yard while I was still dirty and sweaty, then shower, lunch, computer and kitten time, and now a nap!

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