Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Wurst Ride

My longest ride ever yesterday: 62 miles! And I really enjoy the charity ride setup, where you ride a bit, take a break, then ride some more, until you finish and get to celebrate with beer and food. Awesome!

So this ride went from Austin to New Braunfels and was pretty well organized on the day- well marked signs and pretty good rest stops. The not so good things- apparently one little sentence in the FAQ section told about how you could check a bag to have at the finish. And the packet pickup at REI was disorganized and again no fact sheet with anything about the bags. So that was a little annoying. But at the end, there was Ziegenbock beer and sausage! And I tried a bratwurst, which is different from sausage because it is beef and veal, where sausage is beef and pork. Not bad, but I prefer sausage. And there was a shuttle to WurstFest down the road, but I was pooped and just ready to get back home for a shower!

But a nice day that warmed up into the 80s, and a good route that I'd like to try again. Pretty hilly in places though. And I got another flat tire, but had a nice guy help me out with it. And lots of nice, friendly people to chat with both on the bike and at the finish. So a good day, all around!

PS: Happy Birthday Elizabeth!