Tuesday, April 13, 2010

T3 camping trip

Last year I missed the T3 camping trip to Bastrop due to work, so I was determined to go this year. I reserved a campsite as soon as the date was announced and cancelled any race plans. It turns out, I reserved in the wrong area. It is always funny and sad to me that no matter what group of people, there are cliques.

But anyway, I drove up Saturday morning and we did the same route as Pedal through the Pines that I did a month ago. If you remember, I had to walk my bike up the 7-8 big hills and it totally kicked my ass. Well, this time around, I rode together with J and that worked out nicely. She dropped me on the hills, but I passed her on downhills, and on the flats, she drafted off me because she was on a road bike. I still have not quite figured out how to draft without feeling anxious about being so close.

When we hit the first big hill, I joked "should I try it or just get off and walk now" and she said, "just try it." So as a challenge, I did. And I got up! In the lowest gear and standing, and panting, but I got up. And the next one too. And then the next. And by that time, I was so stoked that I had gotten up the first ones, I decided I would have to climb the rest too. And so then it was a challenge to finish the ride without having to walk any of the hills. And once out of the park, it was back to reasonably flat. And wanting to stay with J, I was pushing a lot harder than I would have on my own. But it was okay. We finished the 60 miles, with 2 pit stops, and then on to the campsite for an ice bath in the kiddie pool. And good timing, because about 15 minutes after I got out of the ice bath, the park ranger came by to enforce the rules: no beer outside of your tent (really, that seems ridiculous), no parking on the grass, and no kiddie pools.

After a nap, and dinner at the Roadhouse- okay, not great food. Then smores around the campfire before crashing in the tent. Sunday morning, I was worried my legs wouldn't hold up for the run, but they were pretty good. One 4 mile loop on the road, then off on to the trails- very nice, wide, pine needle covered trails. So 2 hours total, but probably not quite 8 miles. Then back home for a shower and 3 hour nap. A good weekend, and it makes me excited to go camping again soon, especially because my month off of training in May is coming up!


KB said...

Impressive. Wow.

everybody's entitled said...

I'm impressed too! Very nice!