Saturday, October 24, 2009

My times are in your hands

I trusted in, relied on, and was confident in you, O Lord. You are my God. My times are in your hands. Ps 31:14.

I have an evening devotional book from Joyce Meyer, and this was one of the passages a couple of months back when I was having some work anxiety. It is always helpful to remember that I am not in control of everything. I can let some of it go and this passage reminds me of that.

Last night, I came across it again, and the double meaning came through. "My times" are what I have been worrying about with this triathlon. But I have done all the training I can do, I have prepared as best I can. I have to let go and let God.

Yesterday was packet pickup, expo, seminars, and race meetings. It was good and I got to see some teammates out there, plus pick up some last minute tips. And most exciting, the race shirt fits! And it's not because they changed the size or design. I'm losing weight and inches and it is showing up in the clothes. Of course, this taper week of no exercise is messing up my momentum, but I think I've finally figured it out! And when this shirt fit, I went back into my closet and found all the other race shirts that haven't fit and got about 10 new/old ones to add to my workout shirt drawer. Yay!

I did buy a race jersey, even though there is the rule of if you don't finish, you can't wear it. But at the last event, they sold out of the jerseys before I finished, so I didn't get one. And then I rationalized that there are relays, and aquabikers that get finish gear even though they don't do the whole distance, so if I finish after the cut off time, I'm still going to wear the jersey. If I finish before the cut off time, I'm going back to the store and buying everything that says Longhorn on it!


everybody's entitled said...

Hooray for you!

F said...

You looked completely awesome today! SO AWESOME.