Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week #15 Longhorn Training

Start of taper! Hard week at work, so it turned out pretty well, considering.

Swim 2; 1.5

Bike 3; 1

Run 2; 0.5

Core 0.5; 2

Total 7.5; 5

Long bike 25; 12

Long run 30 minutes; 30 minutes.

And Practiceman was on Sunday. My legs were still sore from the Personal Training Core with N, but I felt good on the climbs and kept up within a minute of the two girls in front of me through out the whole bike. The main problem was frozen feet! 60 degrees when I'm wet and on a bike is COLD! I'm going to tweak my race day clothes to try and avoid that. Right now, weather on Sunday is predicted to be sunny with a low of 55 and high of 80- not too bad at all!

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