Monday, June 23, 2008

I Heart Wimbledon

Breakfast at Wimbledon has just started- they cover it live starting at 6 am on ESPN2. It is so great to have the smacking of tennis balls to accompany my breakfast, as opposed to any of the early morning shows. With the French Open, I would Tivo all the broadcasts, and then watch them in the mornings, but Breakfast at Wimbledon is even better.

Roger Federer is my favorite player, even if he's been in a bit of slump lately. He seems like a nice guy, and he makes these impossible shots seem so easy. And he doesn't grunt. Both James Blake and Andy Roddick grunt a little, but not as much as the women, especially Maria Sharapova. I can't stand her- the grunting, the slowness in between points, the exact same putting the hair behind the ears before each serve. I can't stand that. I don't much like Rafael Nadal either- he pulls out his wedgie before each serve. Hello- if you're #2 in the world, can't you afford some underwear that fits!

And even though Andy Roddick just got engaged to some girl, he's secretly my boyfriend. We meet for bagels sometimes. Okay, only once, and I couldn't get the nerve to talk to him, but he was really cute in real life, much taller and thinner than on court. If I could have said hello, I'm sure he would have dumped the girlfriend for me immediately.

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K said...

Don't forget that the Tour de France starts next week. Have you been watching the Euro 2008?