Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long Run

Long runs are on Sunday morning at the Hike and Bike Trail. It was already hot by the 7:30 start time, and the trail is really busy. I did 4 miles, but there were some IM CDAers going 8 miles. The purpose of a long group run is run at a slower pace, for a longer distance with a group. That's all well and good, but no one runs as slow as I do. I average about 15 minutes per mile. That's running. My walk is about 18-20 minutes per mile. I'm overweight and I have short legs. Sometimes, when I'm getting lapped by the 8 mile runners (they did 2 four mile loops), I wonder if they could run as fast as I do if they were carrying an extra 100 lbs. I'd like to think they couldn't, but that's not really the point. The point is to think how fast I could go if I weren't carrying the extra 100 lbs. And really I'm only about 85 lbs overweight now, but still.

As I mentioned, the trail is really crowded, and there is some good people watching- usually as they pass me. There are people of all shapes and sizes, dogs, strollers, bikes, etc. One woman, probably mid 40s, maybe 20 lbs overweight, she passed me and then turned around and said "Keep it up, I was you a year ago." And then she turned back around and kept jogging. It's nice to hear encouraging words, but I hope a year from now I'm not a 40 year old. I did pass her as she stopped for water and smiled, but it sort of bugs me for some reason. It's funny because I've been encouraged by a number of people when I've been out running- I guess they're surprised someone as large as I am is actually running. In a race, I'm all about hearing encouragement, but in just normal everyday life? It seems strange. And do they encourage everyone? Or just the fat people? Do I look like I need encouragement? Do I have a grimace on my face? Hm.

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