Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shitty Dog Owners

I went to the trail to do a 5 mile run on my own since I missed the Wed track workout and will miss the Sunday long run as well. Not a bad run, though my back is still tight. It doesn't hurt when I run, unless I land unevenly. I had stopped at a water fountain and was doing a little stretch, when I noticed a guy in a recreational kayak with a pointer swimming beside him. He was talking to a guy fishing at this little boat dock. The dog was not neutered (I always notice) but seemed friendly and well behaved, even though this was not an off leash part of the park. The dog proceeded to pee on all the trees, and then took a big poop. I saw the owner was ignoring this, and so I asked him "Your dog just pooped over there, do you need a poop bag?" The park has them dispensers posted everywhere and trashcans are all over the place too. The trail circles a lake and there was a recent newspaper article about how the city approximates that 10,000 lbs of dog poop washes into the lake every year. The lake is closed to swimmers due to the E coli count and lack of shore access for swimmers too, but it is used for sporting events, like the triathlon I did a month ago. I personally don't like swimming in dog poop water, call me crazy!

So the guy, looked at me and said "Oh no, I don't have a poop bag."
I replied "There's one right over there," pointing to the dispenser a couple of yards down the trail."
He said, "There's no trash can."
"There's one a little ways down the trail."
"No one will step on the poop- it's out of the way."
"Right, but it will wash into the lake, where you are kayaking."
"Well, why don't you pick it up?"
"It's not my dog's poop. It's your dog's poop."
At that point he finally shut up(he is one of those loud talking guys.) He stared at me for a second and then turned to the fisherman guy and continued their conversation about fishing poles, and how far he went last weekend. I certainly wasn't going to pick up his dog's poop for him, so I turned around and resumed my jogging. But I could hear him as soon as I turned my back.
"I hate someone telling me what to do."

I kept jogging, but of course, started thinking of all the things I should have said or done to this jerk:
1. I could have stopped and turned around to finish the conversation, since he wasn't done and wanted to talk about me behind my back, but loud enough so I could hear. There is no reason not to pick up your dog's poop! Unless you don't have hands- that might be the only case. Even blind people are taught how to scoop up after their guide dogs!
2. I could have picked up the poop and thrown it at him. I don't think I run fast enough for this one, but this was the most satisfying one to think about.
3. I could have told him about the camping philosophy of Leave No Trace, or Pack It In, Pack It Out.
4. I could have called 311 on his off leash, unaltered, dog.
5. I could have taken the dog and run back to my car and directly to the shelter, where he would have to pay to get his unaltered dog out, or have it altered there.

But I didn't do any of those things. I just stewed about during the rest of the run, and then posted it on here! Too bad the dog seemed pretty nice, because his owner was an asshole!

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