Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Triathlon Training Group

I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon two weeks ago, and even before the big race, I knew I was hooked on triathlons. There is something very appealing about the whole thing- the team mentality in training, the part of doing three sports, the social aspect, getting fit, etc. I enjoyed my first training group but didn't want to raise any more money, when really, I'm NOT saving lives one mile at a time, I'm just running. I just wanted a group of people to work out with and the expertise of a coach.

So I researched the different options available and found the New Triathlon Training Group. I chose a swim practice for my first time out, because I would consider that my best sport. I'm not fast but I am very comfortable in the water. So the Half Ironman swim distance is 1.2 miles or 2000 meters. What was our workout? 2700 meters. 80 minutes of swimming, with drills, and accoutrements like fins and buoys. I knew I was looking for a hard core group, but this was seriously hard core!

And there are Ironman triathletes in this group. Real live people that have done that. I'm so in awe. There are about 150 total athletes and they're all training for different events- from Ironman to sprints. That is a good and bad thing, because we're all mixed in together. I'm glad the First Training Group prepared me well, because I'm not totally in over my head, but this is definitely a step up, and I like it!

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