Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have recently discovered capers. These are the little green seed things they put on Chicken Piccata or Chicken Scallopini or lox on a bagel. I had to look them up to find out exactly what they are- buds of the Caper bush that have been pickled. So if I was in a restaurant, I would always get something if it had capers in it, and now I have one upped and bought a jar of capers myself. I toasted a bagel and then smeared on some cream cheese, added a layer of capers, and then a layer of finely chopped red onion, then a slice of smoked salmon. And of course, the salmon is probably my least favorite of the whole sandwich, but all together it is FANTASTIC!


everybody's entitled said...

If you add chopped hard-boiled egg, you've made my favorite sandwich. Good as an appetizer, too.

Try it on a bagel crisp - easier to eat than the bagel, I think. (I think bagels are too chewy).

F said...

adventures in food that I will never have- from your very very very unadventurous eating cousin!