Sunday, February 8, 2009

HCO Event #6

Day three of skiing and the night before I did not sleep well at all. My legs were aching and I kept worrying about whether I should take the lesson or cancel. In the morning, C is feeling about the same way, and we agree to take the lesson in the morning, and at noon or so, we would cut out early and go get massages. I'm Aleved up, and hobbling, but once on skiis, it starts to work itself out. We are put in level 5 today and get Bill Cropper and head up the gonDOla to the Tomahawk area. We have two new guys in our class today, and they are not as good as C and I, but have much more confidence and willingness to go fast and wipe out, which they do regularly. Still working on the parallel turns, keeping up some speed with comfort and control. It is a good lesson, and we wind up staying past noon, and then taking a late lunch at Rendezvous Saddle rest area.

Afterwards, I'm toast. I have jelly legs and that decreases my confidence in being able to stop, so I wedge all my turns, which makes my legs hurt worse. At 2 pm, (when the lesson ends around 3 pm) I'm done and decide to cut out early and take the gonDOla back down.
That is quite an adventure in itself because there are moments right at the top where you are facing almost directly down and swinging. But it stops swinging after a bit, and then is very pleasant and a good way to see the town. I stop for some hot chocolate- between 3 and 4 pm everyday, they have hot chocolate happy hour, which is awesome. Then I hobble home and into the hot tub.

That night is the Big Dinner, with all the HCOers going to the Ore House (say that out loud and you'll understand why it's so popular!) It's a nice steak dinner, and a good time, and then again, in bed by 9 pm.

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