Monday, February 9, 2009

HCO Event #7

Day four and the last day of skiing. My legs feel better in the morning, and I'm excited to ski with the rest of the group. They have been meeting every day for an early lunch at 11 at the Thunderhead rest area, so C and I decide to warm up together in the morning, and then meet everyone at lunch and then ski Tomahawk.

I've finally figured out the clothes to wear on the mountain because it's so warm- up to 40 during the afternoons. And I got some really nice Smartwool socks, though I think it would be better to have sock liners- my feet get sweaty and slippery. It feels a little odd to be on our own, but these are all runs that we've done with Bill Cropper before, so it's all good.

We meet for lunch and then take a group picture. Though one guy is missing because he doesn't like pictures and one girl because she hurt her knee. It's a beautiful day and C and I ski mostly with S the snowboarder and J who are very courteous, going slow enough to make sure we don't get left behind and taking breaks. C gets taken out by a woman skiing- just clips her from behind. And then about an hour later a little kid runs into her! Sometimes people do go whizzing by you really quickly, and you really hope they go around and not into you. And she was just a magnet!

We see the rest of the group at the lifts- they are all better skiiers and want to do the harder runs around Tomahawk. But S and J are the only ones who want to ski as a group with the slow pokes. I'm feeling really good and want to do some other blues, but C is a little shaken by all the people running into her, so we take the greens down the mountain and we're done.

It was a really good time on the mountain, and I think I improved quite a bit. I think that will help the most will be to drop some weight- that is just a big load for my legs to have to hold up for so long. And I really want to ask about the 130s the next time. And I'm already thinking when the next time will be- could I get a cheap, quick trip in before March? That would be great to try and preserve what I've learned. But I do have a lot going on, extracurricular-wise, with all the triathlon, running, and kayaking, not to mention the work so that I can pay for all this stuff.

That night, about 3/4ths of the group go downtown to the Boatyard Pub. At this point, the personalities have come out full force and some have clashed with others, so it's a little difficult. It turns out, there are some downright annoying people on this trip. But it's also the end of the week and everyone is tired. I'm happy for the trip, but am ready to get home.

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