Friday, February 27, 2009

There is a difference

Pronunciation: \ˈchāf\
Function: verb; noun
Inflected Form(s): chafed; chaf·ing
1: irritate , vex
2: to warm by rubbing especially with the hands
3 a: to rub so as to wear away : abrade b: to make sore by or as if by rubbing
4: to feel irritation, discontent, or impatience : fret
5: to rub and thereby cause wear or irritation

Pronunciation: \ˈchaf\
Function: noun
1 : the seed coverings and other debris separated from the seed in threshing grain
2 : something comparatively worthless
3 : the scales borne on the receptacle among the florets in the heads of many composite plants
4 : material (as strips of foil or clusters of fine wires) ejected into the air for reflecting radar waves (as for confusing an enemy's radar detection)

So if you are experiencing some "chaffing" you have a much more serious problem than chafing.

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