Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Sunday ride!

Nice afternoon for a bike ride- sunny and 67, with a light breeze. After 9 days of work with the only breaks for the half marathon and a CE seminar, I was glad to have a free afternoon. Tomorrow is the last day of the slog and again, it's my own damn fault for scheduling like this. But it's also been good because I've been shopping up a storm getting new scrubs, a swimsuit, and some nicer non work clothes.

So I was ready to get out on the bike and went from my house, past S's house- too busy to ride today but I waved as I went by, then on to Escarpment and down William Cannon to Southwest Parkway. It was 57 minutes when I hit Southwest Parkway, so I turned around and then took a break at the Freescale campus (boo PowerBar Gel Vanilla- I had it as Not Horrible on my list, but it is totally getting downgraded to Bad now!) I managed to hit the lights right on the way home and got back in only 49 minutes. It was a good ride, average 12.9, high 29.8. I like the new pedals and cleats, though I think there may still need to be adjusted a little- a little pain behind the knee on the right. I may try to fiddle on my own before I schedule a fitting with Zane later on. I keep debating trying a new saddle, but really I think it's my butt that needs a little more wearing in, so I'll hold off on that. I tried Perpeteum when I got home- another boo, and made mozzarella sticks instead. That was protein and carbs, right?

But a pretty day, and good to get a sweat on after too much work. And Levi Leipheimer won the Tour of California- yay!

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