Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HCO Event #8

So this is just the travel day, but C, K, and I get up early and go explore the downtown area of Steamboat Springs a little. We have breakfast at Winona's, which is excellent, and then do a little shopping. The town is getting ready for Winter Carnival this coming weekend and the high school kids are out making snow sculptures along the main street. It's very festive and community oriented, which is nice to see. I'm sorry to miss the carnival, with it's horse races and pageant, but I was glad to be there when it wasn't crowded. And with the President's Day long weekend, plus the carnival, it's going to be packed.

And then we disperse, taking various shuttles to the airport, and then various flights back. I want to go into anonymous mode, but there are all these people I know, so I have to be social. I am glad to be in a seat away from everyone and nap on the flight. Change planes in Dallas, then shuttle to the car, and then finally home! K is way happy to see me and I am way happy to see him. It was a good trip, but it's even better to be home.

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