Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Krispy Kreme is the Antichrist

I am now carrying around my middle all the Krispy Kreme donuts I've eaten this past week. And there have been more than a couple. At 200 calories and 50% of those from fat, they are a big ticket item nutritionally, but it's amazing how they melt in my mouth down to lighter than fluff. And they're so warm and comforting, and there is a store that makes them "hot now" until midnight just a couple streets away. They are evil, and yet so hard to resist. And then they were at the 3M and at work too. You can't escape them. And it's amazing how quickly they settle in my body, like they're going to stay. They make it hard to button my pants, and make me tired, having to carry them. I'm ready to let them go, but they want to stay. They're all comfy, hanging out with all the other fat cells.

But they are getting kicked out. As of right now, I'm posting an eviction notice. And in that direction I'm now going to go for a run. Say goodbye Krispy Kremes- I'm burning you for fuel!

I can't promise never to eat another one, but I am not going to eat as many as I did this week!

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