Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week #11 Longhorn Training

Week #11

Swim 2.5; 2

Bike 6; 5.75

Run 4; 4.75

Core 1; 0.75

Total 13.5 (biggest week so far!); 13.25

Long bike 75; rained out, 3 hours on the trainer.

Long run 15; 12

A short week due to the Austin Triathlon on Monday. And then rain (finally!) which prevented an outside ride on Saturday morning on the Longhorn course. The trainer sucks for long rides. Even with two movies, an iPod, and friendly people, it still just sucks. The run on Sunday was very good- felt quick with the high turnover, and strong until mile 11 out of 12. Of course, the cool, overcast morning really helped too!

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