Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week #12 Longhorn Training

Light week of this cycle:

Swim 2; 2.25- really uninspired swims this week.

Bike 3.5; 4.75- one spin and the long bike.

Run 3; 0! After the 12 mile long run last week, this week just flew by before I could get another run in. And then a seminar all day Sunday, so no long run at all this week.

Core 0; 2- discovered and like the Corefit classes!

Total 8.5; 9

Long bike 40; 51- finally rode the Longhorn course, but due to the memorial service on Saturday at 1pm, I had to cut the route a little short, and it was still a close call to make it on time.

Long run 8; 0. I debated trying to get a run in tonight, which would probably feel pretty good after sitting on my butt all day today, but decided I would be lazy instead. And then trying to schedule all the workouts for next week, I have another CE seminar next Saturday planned. Though if the long awaited Practiceman gets scheduled for next Saturday, I'm going to skip the CE. If not, I'll go to San Antonio, then ride Longhorn on Sunday, with a brick afterwards. Only two more long rides of 60 and 70 planned before the taper starts and I'd like to do both of them at the Longhorn course. It's getting really close!

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