Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So there has been a change at T3 that was not welcomed by all. They decided to add a Corefit program, which you would have to pay for on top of your T3 dues, and stop the small selection of core exercises they were offering- one hour and three 15 minute pre-workout sets total. People were pissed. "How can you take away training sessions and expect me to pay the same?" "I don't have the $25 extra per month to add the Corefit." "I just want to bitch!"

Personally, by promising to pay for whole year (but still in monthly installments) my rates decreased $15, so that the $25 extra for Corefit wound up being only $10 net increase. And for that I get the option of 10 hours of Corefit and 4 hours of yoga. I'd call that a deal.

But I was afraid. The 15 minute pre-spin or track core exercises kicked my ass regularly. Crunches, lunges, squat thrusts, plank, etc. So an hour of that? I would die! I heard that the hour sessions are more spread out, more rest between sets, but still. And the Corefit hours will add more instruments of torture than just your own body weight.

So I put it off until this morning. And it turns out, it was kind of fun! A small group at 6 am- only 7 people total. And after a brief jog warmup and stretches, we went outside for running drills- it reminded me a lot of high school volleyball and soccer practice. Short sprints, touch the ground, and back, relays, quick feet, hopping and jumping over little balls, etc. But almost immediately, I was sweating enough to drip on the ground. But I was happy to see I could keep up. I'm not fast, but I am pretty quick.

Then back inside for a round of abs- ouch. And then circuit training- 7 different exercises for a minute each- step ups, rows, squats, lunges, pushups, arm raises etc. Then a break, and then 7 more circuit exercises. And the instructor N was great about offering modifications, not just easier for me, but also for a guy that was injured, and the really fit guys that needed it harder. Plus very encouraging and noticing and commenting on form. It wasn't just go hard and do it however you can. It was do it correctly, or modify it so you can do it correctly. Very nice.

Finally, a short stretch at the end and we were done. I know I'm going to be sore in places tomorrow, or even later today. But I think this is an area I've been missing. Going in a straight line for a long period of time (the definition of triathlon!) neglects some areas and this will really help me become more balanced and stronger overall. So I think this will become a regular thing- whether on Wed, or I could Friday too. And then there's still the yoga I haven't tried...

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Good for you! Sounds hard to me.