Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week #10 Longhorn Training

This week's plan:

Swim 2.5; 2.5- schedule change moved the AM swims on Tues/Thurs to Circle C- awesome!

Bike 5; 5- awesome!

Run 4; 3.75- pretty damn good!

Core 1; 1- awesome!

Total 12.5; 12.25- pretty damn good!

Long bike 65; 52- broke the 50 mile barrier, but shortened it a little for the Austin Tri on Monday.

Long run 13; 9.5- ditto

The morning workouts have made the difference. Getting up early and getting it done is great. And next week starts the new Corefit, so I'm not sure how I'll change it up.
M, W, F- spin
T, Th- swim
M, W- spin
T, Th- swim
F- core
M- core
T- swim
W- spin
Th- swim, core PM
F- spin, yoga PM
What a plethora of options!

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