Saturday, September 5, 2009

A ride in which I didn't get passed

With the Austin Triathlon Olympic on Monday, the coaches suggested that if it wasn't your "A" race, you should train through the weekend. I amended that to going at least 50% on the long workouts, so I wouldn't expire during the race. But I wound up going about 80%, so there's still a chance of melting into a heap of cramping, bonking pain.

Friday, I did 9.5 miles on the trail- cut off the last section because I was done- mentally and physically. And it wasn't even that hot. But a good soaking in Barton Springs really helped. And even though I vowed never to run long before the long ride, I didn't have any choice, and luckily it went much better this time.

Saturday, the route was Kiker to San Marcos for 65 miles. I looked at the map and figured if I left from my house, I would cut off about 12 miles, and that would be just fine. I left at 7 am, when the group was meeting at Kiker at 7:30. I figured I would get caught at the Valero pit stop in Kyle. One guy stopped there too, but I couldn't remember if he was a T3er or not, so it was just the nod and smile. And since we were both stopped and off our bikes, it's not technically getting passed- he just got back on his bike before I did. I saw the big group of T3ers heading to the Valero about 20 minutes after me, so I thought it wouldn't be too long before they caught me.

The route goes back towards Buda before going across to go south on the IH 35 access road. Here I was feeling great- the saddle was getting comfortable, I was averaging close to 15 mph, and I was secure knowing the last 12 miles in are mainly downhill back to my house. I had a new drink to try out- Sustained Energy that is unflavored, and tastes a little like powdered cheerios in water, which is a lot better than most of the drinks I've tried. It's a keeper.

The problem hit when I turned northbound on the access road. Any time I think there's no wind, I should look around, because most likely it's a tailwind! And it was. So the 10 miles on the access road were brutal into a strong headwind. Flat, no tree breaks, and just torture. I knew there was a gas station up ahead at the turn, and I was imagining sitting down against a back rest with a coke and a snickers. And eventually I got there. And as soon as I got comfortable, two T3ers, and about a minute later, two more, rode in. And we chatted and rested a bit, then we got back on to finish up the last 18. And again, I just got back on after they did- I technically didn't get passed. A minor victory, but still!

I saw some T3ers going southbound, but no one else caught up to me the rest of the ride. I guess starting 30 minutes and 6 miles ahead is what it takes! I slogged it back to my house for a total of 52 in 3:50, which averages over 13 mph. That is great for me! A long stretching session, shower, and nap. And then it will be interesting how fast my body can recover before Monday!

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