Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So a bunch of T3ers are looking ahead to 2010 and which Ironman to do, and the big question is Arizona or Florida. So they set up a meeting at the Flying Saucer to discuss, listen to previous finishers, and sweat out on the patio. I have already been leaning heavily towards Arizona, and I think I am still planning on that one, but below are the talking points from the meeting.

IMAZ Pros:
Easy to get to- lots of flights through Southwest Airlines
Don't need a car
But if you drive 15-16 hours
A real town, with lots of options for friends and family
More infrastructure- stores, restaurants, hotels
Cool in the morning, cool in the evening (avg 50 degrees)
Cool, freshwater swim (water temp 64 degrees)
Start in the dark
One lap swim
Deep water start
3 loop bike course- lots of teammates to see
Hot corner- bike and run pass by here 6 times total
Date is the weekend before Thanksgiving
T3ers training for this race are closer to my speed and are friendlier

IMAZ Cons:
Not as scenic- desert outskirts in some sketchy areas of town
"Fresh" water is skunky
3 loop run course- can hear others finishing while you have another lap to go
Run alone in the dark at the end
Can be windy
Any IM is going to be really really hard
Date is the weekend before Thanksgiving

IMFL Pros:
Beautiful beach
Cheap condos
Beach start
2 lap run, out and back- can see teammates
More light out in the morning and the end
Run course goes by commercial and neighborhood areas
Date will be some time around my birthday, so that would be a pretty cool birthday present to finish
A bunch of the loud, fun, fast T3ers are planning to do this race

IMFL Cons:
Salt water swim
2 lap swim
One long out and back bike
Not much to the town- just a resort town
Can be windy
Any IM is going to be really really hard

So, after a lot of analysis, still at the same place, leaning heavily towards IMAZ. Luckily I don't have to make a decision today. And I have Longhorn to do before I can legitimately sign up for an Ironman. Baby steps.

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