Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week #3 Longhorn Training

The plan this week:

Swim 2; actual 1.25- only one T3 swim

Bike 3.5; actual 3.0 at Katy

Run 2.5; actual 1.5- just the long run.

Core 0.5; actual 0.75

Total 8.5 (big jump this week)
Actual 6.5- didn't jump.

Other- walking and hiking- 75 minutes

Long bike 40- Katy Flatland Ride- 43.67

Long run 6- 5.5 miles at Mary Moore Searight park.

After Couples, I had some GI issues, and again after the Katy ride. I think I get dehydrated, and blood flow is diverted from the GI tract during exercise, so I don't have any problems during. The problem is after, when the blood flow is restored, and the ingesta that has been sitting and making my guts unhappy has to be dealt with, and gas, bloating, and diarrhea result. Ugh.

So that, and working extra this week, and the heat, all contributed to not getting in the weeknight sessions. Better luck next week!

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