Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crowded swim

Since I'm behind in training, I went to Wed PM swim, which I know is usually packed, and it really was tonight. Six people in my lane! It was way too crowded and there was no time to adjust. If you weren't five seconds behind the person in front of you, the person behind would get too close, or would slide back and get lapped by the first to go. Very irritating.

Also, there are a number of new faces, and while some seem interesting and worth getting to know, some are not. And I get irritated the most by people have it all figured out- that they know the answers and you don't. One woman in particular who knows everything there is to know about triathlon, even disagreeing with Coach M about some nutrition. Really? If you're that smart, why aren't you coaching? Every heard about opinion vs fact. Argh!

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F said...

I think I know that girl...! Hey, don't think I ever told you but we are off the Spicewood Springs road off of 360 ( the second one that goes east, not the first one that goes west)

That swimming sounds like no fun. I shared a lap lane w/ one guy this afternoon (Ben came and hung w/ kids while I swam) and I didn't like it!