Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bike ride parts I and II

So I was all excited to see T3 was planning a Sunday group ride because the weather on Saturday was expected to be so windy. I convinced S to come with me and we were going to do the 30 mile ride down 360 to Parmer. I knew it was going to be pretty chilly, but I'd ridden once before when it was cold, so I thought I was going to be okay.

31 degrees with 10 mph winds is not okay. S and I lasted 1.46 miles before we gave up. It turns out a bunch of the T3ers did the same, but most lasted a little bit longer than we did, though some just didn't come at all and did 80 miles on the trainer (that's horrible!)

So we regrouped at noon for a ride down Southwest Parkway and by then it was sunny and 50- much better, though the winds had picked up to 15 mph. The main problem was not the wind but all the fiddling I've done with the saddle and pedals- it's all wrong now and I can tell it's wrong but can't figure out how to make it not wrong. So my knees and hands hurt the whole way. But we got in 18 miles and I have an appointment for a bike fit this week- yay!

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