Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blue Dog 5k race report

This morning was the Blue Dog Rescue Run for the Rovers 5k. I really wasn't feeling up to it, because it's one thing to run and get all sweaty with your running buddies; it's another when these are your professional colleagues. But I signed up, it was for a good cause, and it was a way to get my butt running, which I haven't been doing much of since the half six weeks ago. Of course, it was way up in Leander, and I got lost getting out there. Way lost, like I was up to Jarrell before I realized I'd missed the exit. So I get to the start right as they are singing the national anthem. A quick bathroom break, and then I pinned up my number as I was crossing the start line with the dog runners. No time for a warmup, which was a mistake as it took a mile to get into any kind of groove and to have my feet stop hurting. But, there was good people and dog watching, and I saw a number of current of former coworkers and their dogs. Lumpy Dog did not come with me, as large crowds make him crazy and want to bite people and other dogs. And they had a pretty good crowd- maybe 300 people. I finished in a painful 45:10, and the only disappointing thing was no raffle. I love small events with raffles because if you stick around long enough, you usually win something.

But it made me even more nervous about Lonestar. If 3 miles were painful, how about 6.7, after 28 miles of biking? I'm kicking myself for not training more consistently, and trying to figure out a way to do the sprint. No Aquabike for the Quarter, but maybe I could do the Half Aquabike? I just don't know. And 14 days away is not the time to be putting in harder workouts, but tapering. Maybe I can do a big brick on Monday to prove I can do the miles. But this is not my 'A' race, that Longhorn in October. I don't need all this pressure, and I don't need to bust myself for this first race of the season. I have three sprints to come over the summer, and I'm in fine shape to complete those. Argh, where did the time go?

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