Monday, March 16, 2009

Event #10

With my 31 days of Yoga Challenge and my 12 HCO events in 3 months challenge, the two worlds collided with the HCO event Outdoor Yoga. This was at Butler Park, which is the newish park next to Palmer Events Center. It is an ongoing yoga class that is "by donation" and I wrongly thought it was sponsored by Austin Parks and Rec. It is not, and is actually one woman who does all the classes, though she is on vacation, and her substitute Ginger was teaching instead. S from the ski trip was leading it, and there was only one other HCOer there, but about 8 other people from the public. And with all the lovely new green grass, the class was instead on the hard fake wood dock. But it was a beautiful spring day, one of about five total in the whole year in Texas, and the class was actually very good. Ginger was a pretty good instructor and I enjoyed the poses she chose. One weird thing was her sighing- very loud and frequent. And I get the impression she was doing it on purpose. But these were angry, pay attention sighs, and it made me feel like there was a lot of pent up emotion that she really wanted to let out, but instead just sighed, loudly. Very distracting.

But I really enjoyed the outdoor part of it, the fountain noise, and the breeze, and the birds, and the sun. There was some noise from the kids playing, but it was far enough away to be pleasant. HCO is having another yoga class event next week, but on a day I can't go, but I think I will go back on my own.

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