Saturday, March 7, 2009

Event #9

This event was an evening walk around the Town Lake trail to P Terry's burger stand for dinner and then back. I was looking forward to it because they don't often have little events like this on Friday or Saturday nights, and because Friday is a weekday night to me, I like the shorter events better.

I have a new theory that you should wear a shirt that can be a conversation starter- I wore the Skeese Greets triathlon shirt, which is also a nice cranberry color. I started a conversation with a guy asking about his Colorado bike race shirt- see it works! At dinner, I talked with a guy who works at Dell. And then on the way back talked with a guy that's a nurse in the ICU. So that's three different guys I'm having conversations with in one night- wow!

The bad news was how glaring some people's eccentricities are and I wonder if I am just as bad, just not aware of it. There was the slurper- at dinner, chewing with his mouth open, slurping his drink, sucking his teeth, and picking out the leftover food bits. Gross. And then obvious social anxiety types with diarrhea of the mouth. And then the center of the universe types who turn the conversation to focus only on them.

But it was interesting to observe and for the first time I was just relaxed. Again, no guys were really dating material, so I could just converse and not take anything personally or overinterpret. And I think I as stop focusing on my issues in the group, I can see other people's issues. And the only thing they're focused on is their own issues, so it makes my issues even less noticeable. That's a little circular, but true.

Anyway, a good time, pretty good exercise- four miles at a pretty fast walking pace- I got sweaty so I'm counting it as exercise. Though I should have stretched afterwards- I'm a little stiff this morning!

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