Friday, March 20, 2009

Evening Ride

I love having it stay lighter in the evenings because I can get stuff done before the sun goes down. The garden is looking good, except that all the containers have had to move out of the back yard because Lumpy Dog want to eat them. He's only killed the garlic chives my cousin gave me, but has damaged the squash and bell peppers. And I got to go on a nice hour ride over to Onion Creek. My butt wasn't that sore from yesterday, but I could definitely feel it in my quads, so I tried to keep it a nice, high cadence spinning ride.

And I have only one event left for my HCO challenge, and there is nothing that fits my schedule and looks interesting. I think it's a good thing that I have a lot going on, and HCO was only supposed to fill in the gaps, but it's too bad I can't find anything that works. I think I will do the yoga next week, even though it's not an official HCO, it was affliated, so maybe that's close enough. And looking ahead to April, it's the same thing. A lot of the days don't have events yet, so I know there will be more coming, but with work, triathlon events, swim clinic, and previous social engagements, there is not a ton of open space. Of course I could do a 7 hour birding event, but really, that's just too many birds.

And I've been getting to do some "special surgeries" at work- not just spays and neuters. And one a little while ago was a Caesarean section on a chihuahua mismated to a lab mix. When she went into labor and couldn't get the first puppy out, the owners relinquished her to a shelter. Insert stupid people comment here. She had three huge puppies, and they all survived! She is an excellent mom- keeping those babies clean and their bellies full. The pups will probably have to be weaned early, but that's not a huge deal. Here's one of them, about an hour after surgery.


F said...

How, exactly, do you mate that small of a dog and that large of a dog...???? OK, maybe don't tell me. and yes, STUPID people!

Happy spring to you!

KB said...

Look at you, super vet lady. Very cool.

Post some pictures of your garden, too. I want to see what you're growing.