Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yoga update

It is March 12 and I have had 12 days of yoga. There have been a few modifications, like lowering the minimum to 10 minutes and I skipped one day but did two sessions the next, so I guess that would really be only 11 days but 12 sessions. Whatever.

I've enjoyed it, and I am already seeing some increased flexibility. I have also found some new favorites. I have gone back to the Namaste Yoga, which as long as I concentrate on my pose and not the closeup of random crotches, it's fine. I do like that they have regular warm ups and cool downs, and the middle section is new poses. This is different from the yoga classes I've taken at Gold's which are usually all the same, with lots of Sun Salutations and the dreaded Downward Facing Dog.

One new favorite is the Pigeon pose (shown above) which I've done a variation of to stretch my iliotibial band and deep gluteals which have caused some problems with running. Another favorite from today is the wide Hero pose with side bends. Side bends always make me groan because I can tell how tight those muscles are and how resistant to stretching.

So, almost halfway, and doing pretty good keeping up with it. It makes me wonder what challenge I should do next month...

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