Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another T3 group ride

This morning was another T3 group ride, though this was a little less organized because there were a lot of variations. I decided to leave from my house and ride to Akins to leave for the 20-25 mile ride to Buda/Kyle. There were a couple of others doing that option, mainly to avoid riding on Slaughter Lane which even with a bike lane is usually iffy due to multiple lane changes, inconsiderate drivers and lots of debris. We also left 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the crew. And this is an old standby route of mine, so I knew it well.

So off I went, dropped by the others quickly, and settled in to a nice rhythm. In Buda, tooled around a little to add a little extra mileage but avoiding going out past the stone factory with all that road debris. Stopped at a Sonic to go to the bathroom- always a nice option because the bathrooms are outside. And then heading back in, which is mostly downhill and super fast compared to the southbound route. Passed a bunch of T3ers on their way out, which was nice, and then finished by 8:15. A good day already, and still early!

And glad to have a pretty easy ride done, as I'm planning on riding with C's church group in San Antonio for another 25 miler. Lots of cycling this week, but it's all good.

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