Monday, June 22, 2009

Better Run

Last Monday, the specialty workout was at Barton Springs and consisted of 15 minutes of core, a one mile warmup, leg exercises, and then three miles of fartlek intervals on the Town Lake trail. It was 99 degrees, and I was toast about two miles into it. About two hours altogether. It was fucking miserable.

So this Monday, the specialty workout was again at Barton Springs, and since all the coaches are in Coeur d'Alene, the newest coach was supposed to be there. He never showed, or may have gone to the wrong meeting spot. So we just repeated the workout from last week, though, because we waited on the missing coach, we skipped the core and warmup. It was 104, according to the church thermometer on the way home. But this week was much, much better. I still worked pretty hard on the intervals, and it was still pretty miserable, but not nearly as bad. Some reasons- I knew the plan and the route better. I didn't have the coach waiting for me at the end. And I cut off the last chunk on the trail, and went through the park back to the cars, though I think the mileage overall was very similar. I also hydrated much better before the run. And finally- maybe I'm actually improving. Progress!


KB said...

104 and you didn't die? I'd call that serious progress.

F said...