Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tour de Cure

This past weekend I rode in the Tour de Cure. This is a two day charity bike ride that starts in San Antonio, overnights in San Marcos, and ends in Austin. I had signed up at the Blanco ride, mainly because the Tour de Cure people were manning a rest stop and gave me a ride after I broke a spoke, so I hated to say no. Turns out, I love charity rides! They are the right speed for me- slow! Or really, go at your own speed and catch up at rest stops, or meet up at the end. And they are raising money for a good cause. And they have pretty nice people overall.

So this started Saturday morning at 3 am, when I got up to head to Akins for a bus to San Antonio. I had plenty of time because even though they said absolutely leaving at 4:45 am, we didn't leave until after 5 am. A long bus ride, mainly because the English couple behind me talking the entire ride. Do they not talk at home? Why do they have to do it when everyone is trying to sleep?

In San Antonio, put my bag on the luggage truck, aired up my tires, and waited for the ride to start at 8 am. There were three options: 15, 53, or 80, and I chose the 53. And it was great. There were rest stops about every 10 miles, so it was ride 45 minutes, take a 15 minute break. And it really wasn't that hilly, so that was good, plus it was cloudy, so a little cooler. And I met up with some Austin friends at the rest stops, so that was fun. Talking to people on the ride and at rest stops- 99% of the people were super nice and friendly. The only assholes- the guy on the bus that wouldn't let me sit next to him, and the Draft team that cut in line at the bike pump. In San Marcos, at the end were the worst two hills of the day, and then I was done.

The only problems were the bug bites/ boils/ blisters I had all over my hands and feet from the ranch last week. Those were really uncomfortable. And then with the weird getting up, bus, waiting around, etc, I didn't drink enough water early on, and by the end, I had gotten really dehydrated. And off the bike, my feet were killing me, plus the sun came out and it got up to about 90. So I hobbled around, getting my dorm room, arranging my stuff, a short massage on the legs, and then thankfully, a cool shower and a nap. The dorm was a suite, and the other girl was from San Antonio with a group of other cyclists who were all drinking beer in the hall, like college students. So I hung out with them and that was fun. We all went to dinner together- they had BBQ, a comedian, music, and awards. And then back to the hall for the rest of the beer and in bed by 9.

The next day, I was feeling rough. My feet hurt the worst, but generally just tired. I had the option of 25, 58, and 80, and I had wanted to the 58. But the way I was feeling, plus having to drive to Dallas directly afterwards, steered me towards the 25. And the first 10 miles were slow and stiff- a little more hilly on Sunday. And then I warmed up and was feeling great, and really kicking myself that I didn't do the 58. Bummer.

At the end, Freebirds burritos and Bluebell, another short massage, and then packed up and headed home for another cool, wonderful shower. So overall, no butt soreness, and no sunburn, which I had worried about more. And to learn for next time to expect to feel crappy early on the second day, but that goes away. And I am ready to do another one. MS 150 is not until April, though there is a San Antonio MS 150 in October, plus Hotter than Hell in August. I just don't want to compromise Longhorn training. But long rides are needed for training, and charity rides have nice, supported rides, plus not riding by myself is a big plus. I'll have to do a little more research on that.

And on to Dallas for a nice visit with my sister for her birthday.

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KB said...

Aw, thanks for the shoutout. And the brilliant birthday pedicure. My toes are beau-ti-ful. Thanks!