Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eat like an Ironman

I have been listening to a new podcast Fat2Fit Radio and have been enjoying it. There are two guys, one a Canadian, so you get to enjoy the "aboot" and "agaynst" and all the other lovely Canadianisms. The other is a Californian, and they discuss the Californian's weight loss journey, practical weight loss tips, and other motivational and informational topics. Their basic premise is to eat like the person you want to become. So you figure out what your goal weight is, and what is the BMR or basal metabolic rate at that weight, and eat that amount of calories. So it is a long term, lifestyle changing plan, not a quick weight loss and then go back to eating like a fat person. It makes sense.

It also got me to thinking- if my goal is to be an Ironman- to complete a long course triathlon of 2.6 m swim, 112 m bike, and 26.2 m run- I should act like an Ironman. And seeing a bunch of T3ers finish IM Coeur d'Alene, I have a number of people I can learn from and emulate. And it's really helpful that so many of them have blogs and tell me what they're doing! It seems like Ironmen eat lots of food, but it is primarily complex carbs, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. They eat to fuel their workouts. They eat things that allow them to train hard and succeed. Sure, they have heavy restaurant meals, beer, or pizza, but that is the exception. They are not scarfing McDonald's before a run because they know they will hurl.

So instead of having that as my goal, and saying I will just magically be like that some day off in the future, what if I pretended I was an Ironman already? What would I eat if I was an Ironman? What would I be doing? Would an Ironman eat that? And while I've only had this epiphany for a couple of days, it is resonating for me. I was driving home from work, and that is usually a dangerous time- I'm hungry and tired, and pulling through a drive through would be so much easier. But I thought about it, and figured an Ironman would go home and eat the healthy hummus with pita and a cucumber in my fridge. So I did. Huh.

And yes, it is a little sexist and weird to say that I want to be an Ironman, since I am indeed a woman, and not interested in a sex change at all, but that's the lingo, and I'm sticking with it!

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everybody's entitled said...

Hooray for the Ironman (uh - Ironwoman)!!