Sunday, June 28, 2009

San Antonio ride

I met up with C and the cycling group from her church at 7:15 this morning in San Antonio. We started at the Lifetime Fitness at the Rim, on the northwest side, and rode a 25 mile loop. It was great- good shoulders or quiet country roads, exploring new places (who's ever heard of the city of Grey Forest, TX?), and some nicely challenging hills. Okay there was one hill that was more than challenging, nearly impossible- a step stair type of hill that just kept on going, and because it just kept going up, there was no momentum. Ugh.
But my legs felt good, and C was having fun on her new road bike, and it was great! The only downside was that there was a group of about 15 cyclists, and C and I were dropped within about 5 miles. And they didn't wait for us and C didn't know the route all that well. So it could have been really bad, though luckily we found our way okay. We were done before it got too hot, and back to C's house for a shower and out to Sea Island Shrimp House, which I love! And then back to play some Guitar Hero- fun, but I pretty much suck at it.
A good day!

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