Saturday, June 20, 2009

T3 Group Ride

I got to go on my second T3 group ride today and it was great. My work schedule is changed around for these two weeks because of the head doctor going on vacation, and that is just fine with me! It gives me two Saturdays off in a row, which I plan on spending the morning at the group rides. So today’s ride was Kiker to Fitzhugh, which is the same ride as I did on the first group ride I went on back in February. We met at 7 am, and it was already hot and sticky, though overcast. I got my stuff together, chatted with some other T3ers- it was a sparse group because 60+ people are at IM CDA along with all the coaches. But it’s nice to have a smaller group to get to know, and it’s not as intimidating.

So at 7:30 we were off, and while I didn’t get dropped before leaving the parking lot, I only made it to the stoplight at Slaughter before losing all contact with the group. I was planning on 20, maybe 25 if I went to 71. I remembered the route, and toughed it up the hills on the way out, and was almost to the 20 mile route turnaround at Circle when the two new women I’d met passed me coming back and invited me to join them, so I did. And it was nice on the way back because I was able to hang with them. There were two pretty nasty hills coming back, but having other people around makes such a difference because you’re looking at them, watching their cadence, or talking, and it just passes the time and miles much faster.

And then we were back- about 1:50 total, and there were still a few cars out of the 30 and 50 milers. We chatted for a bit and then headed on. I would love to get a regular group ride with breakfast afterwards to make it even more social, but it didn’t happen today. I came home, showered, ate some breakfast tacos, and then on to the couch for a nice nap with golf in the background. I love Saturdays when I don’t have to work!

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everybody's entitled said...

Napping with golf is great. Not much noise and quiet commentary....ahhh!