Saturday, August 8, 2009

Group Ride

A great group ride this morning. A little disorganized, with different groups starting at different places, at different times. I started at 6:15, to get 45 minutes in before meeting up with the 7am Akins group, but I misjudged it and arrived at 7:05, and they had already left. So I waited a little bit and stretched, then decided to take off and not wait for the 7:15 group that started at Kiker to reach Akins. And that worked out pretty well. I rode off and on with a couple of different packs, but wound up getting dropped by everyone eventually. The good thing about an out and back is that you can see everyone coming back.

So I did 42.88 in 3:11:25. Average 13.4- very good for me! Max 29.2. I really like the Kyle route because it's close to my house and familiar, it's relatively flat, and coming back is mostly more downhill, so I feel like I'm flying and it's easy. And it did feel pretty easy. I could have stayed out to hit 50, but my plan was 40-50 today. And tomorrow 8-10. And that is doing to be plenty.
Oh, and I did feel strong, until I did the run brick afterwards! It was supposed to 15 minutes, but my legs were not moving, and it took me almost 20 minutes to do a little over a mile loop. Ouch.

I did talk to three new people on the ride, and that's always nice. Usually people are very friendly and relaxed on the bike, so it's a good time to chat up somebody new. Good times.

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