Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rough Bike Ride

I was supposed to ride 60 this week, but the T3 ride for 60 miles was the Dam loop which is hard and hilly. I was afraid I would be on my own for 59 miles and coming back into town on busy roads at 11, and I didn't like it. The 40 mile route was the Bee Caves loop, which is hilly too, but I have ridden some parts of that route before, and I could finish up the remaining miles doing the Mopac Loop two or three times.

Well, at the end of the Bee Caves loop, I felt like crap, and there would be no more riding anywhere. It started out rough, mainly because I ran long yesterday- 10 miles on the Town Lake trail/ side trails. I am volunteering for the Sweet and Twisted triathlon tomorrow, and didn't want to run in the afternoon. And there is a reason you bike before you run, because running trashes your legs! And I was dreading the Hwy 71 connection from Southwest Parkway to Bee Caves, and I was right. It was only about 3 miles, but mostly no shoulder, hilly and fast moving cars. The downhill part going 42 mph was just as scary as the uphill part trying to keep up with N and G who had waited for me at the start, which was really nice of them. Because if you get hit by a car it's good to have witnesses and friends to call the ambulance.

But I survived that, though the adrenaline rush took a lot out of me. Bee Caves is a nice road though, and had a good chat with G before it got more hilly and we separated. But once on to Mopac and then Southwest Parkway heading home, I was low on water and energy. And no stores where I needed them. I should have stopped, even when I was only 5 miles from home, because I think I was already dehydrated. I had water in the car, and drank about 1/2 gallon as soon as I got there. But the last 5-10 miles I was hurting.

And no way was I going to do any Mopac loops. I was toast, and sat in the grass for 10 minutes, drinking water, and eating a clif bar, before I was even able to stretch a little. And it says something, when instead of looking forward to the big post ride meal, all you want is a shower and a nap.

It is a bit of a downer, since the training had been going so well, to have a rough, too short day. But to take home a lesson- don't run before the bike! And I won't be riding on 71 again. I can do out and backs on Southwest Parkway and Bee Caves, or start up north, or Parmer, or Johnson City, or a lot of other options. And I have 5 more >50 mile bike rides to come, so I will get another shot at it.

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