Friday, August 28, 2009

Week #8 Longhorn Training

Finally, a light week! And I really needed it. After a couple of tough rides, and back to back long rides and runs, I was toast.

Swim 2; actual 1

Bike 3; 5.25!

Run 3; 0!

Total 8; 6.5

Long bike 30; 44m on the Tollway- got a little overexcited on the ride out, feeling great, moving fast. And when I turned around, realized it was slightly downhill and with the wind, and that's why it felt so great. So coming back felt crappy.

Long run 7; 0. Between all the travelling for Continuing Education, and the trip to Midland to visit my cousin in the hospital, and then a visit from my sister and her two kids, I just ran out of time.

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