Monday, August 3, 2009

Week #5 Longhorn Training

This week's plan- first week of the endurance cycle:
Rough week- with Jack's Generic on Sunday, and extra work this week, not too much time to fit everything in. Plus add in the shoulder problems, just not a great week. But aiming for more consistency with the work and training schedule this coming week.

Swim 2.5 (start adding an open water swim each week of about 2000m)
2.0; Barton Springs swim 1 hour

Bike 3.5
Missed the long bike. Only 1.75 total.

Run 2.5
Long run of 7. 3.5 total

Core 1
1- though I really need to stretch more than this.
Total 9.5

Long bike 40 * brick off the bike with a 20 min run

Long run 8-9

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