Sunday, August 9, 2009

Training weekend

So some triathletes (including most T3ers) plan on doing long weekend workouts- the long bike on Saturday and the long run on Sunday. They like that it is in order of what you will do on race day. They like that is preloads your legs so they are heavy for the run. And it allows for lots of group togetherness. With my work schedule, I have not been doing this, and usually doing my long bike on Sunday, with a long run on Tuesday or Friday. And of course, I haven't been all that consistent, except with the long bikes- I have been pretty good about getting the distance in there.

So this weekend, I was all excited to have a real T3 training weekend. 40-50 on the bike, 8-10 on the run. And I did it! 43 on the bike and 8 on the run. And because I'm not at anyone else's speed, I choose to start early on both days to get some time in before the sun came up and it got hot, and that worked out really well. I was able to complete the distances, but at the same time, still see (and be passed by) all the other T3ers.

The run this morning at Town Lake- I started at Barton Springs and ran clockwise. It was only 80-85 and overcast, which wasn't horrible, but super soupy with humidity. This is the first time ever I've gotten prune hands without being in water. I was wiping the sweat out of my eyes so often, and it was so humid that my hands never dried. So by the end of 2:15 of that, my hands were puckered and pruney. That's actually pretty gross!

Finally I was done, and had a nice soak and stretch at Barton Springs. Then a shower- I actually remembered to get all my stuff together so I could shower there. Then breakfast tacos and home for a nap. I was done. And right now, the most sore and tender are my feet- I think they got pruney as well and it was really painful to walk on the rocky sidewalk at Barton Springs right afterwards. A little sore in the butt/hip area too, but not horrible.

And now I feel official-like. This is what most of my teammates have been doing all along, and I can understand now how prepared they must feel for their races. This is hard, but I think it will help me get where I want to go!

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You are officially amazing!